The Chinese Room:

is reminiscent of Shanghai back in the 1920′s. The furniture, artifacts and genuine antiques are imported from that fabled city to provide an elegant atmosphere of a community proud of its past and confident of its future. A delightful bathroom and a small balcony with superb views of the bay add to its attractions.

The Filipino Room

displays the artistic and exuberant spirit of the Filipino, as expressed in rattan and other tropical natural materials. The room is complemented by a large bathroom and a small balcony at treetop level which affords tempting water views between the swaying palm fronds.

The Loft

is a delightful little nook at the highest point of the main house, directly above the main dining area. With 2 single beds and a tiny bathroom, it is particularly popular with kids and teens, but also with the adventurous young-at-heart !

The Indian Room

The Indian Room employs images and artifacts to lend an Indian flavor and ambiance. It is spacious enough to accommodate 2 double beds and opens onto the tropical garden at the side of the cabana.

The Minimalist Room

is, well, minimalist and functional. Its French doors open onto magnificent views of the bay below. It shares a beautiful marble bathroom with 2 other cabana rooms.
Small La Laguna

The Japanese Room

features an elegant, simple style, liken to that of the Japanese traditional style. It encompasses a very “Zen” feel to it, and you’re sure to feel tranquil when staying in this room.