Getting To Villa Halcyon

- By Land and Sea

includes getting either a private car/van, or taking a bus from Manila to Batangas. This trip, depending on the traffic, and which method you choose, can take anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours. The best times to leave manila are either in the morning, or around lunch time. Traffic on a Friday, after 3pm is very heavy, and not advised.

Once you’ve reached Batangas, you will need to take a boat to Puerto Galera. If you would like to take a ferry, you would need to go to Batangas Port. This option would cost around US$10/P500, and take up to 2 hours. Another option is to hire a private boat (a Banca), which can seat 15-20 people quite comfortably. A private boat can take you direct to the Pier at Villa Halcyon within 1.5 hours, depending on the ocean.

Alternatively, we would be more than happy to arrange car and boat transfers direct from anywhere in Manila all the way to the Villa Halcyon Pier. Return Transfers Via Land & Sea from Manila>Villa Halcyon can be arranged for PHP10,000 (up to 5 persons. Add PHP1,000 per additional 5 persons)


***Special Note: No boat-trips are allowed after 5:30pm.


- By Air

Most convenient, yet also the more expensive method. You could either take a helicopter, which takes roughly 40 minutes from Manila direct to landing on the Villa Halcyon Pier. Or, you could take a sea-plane, which takes only slightly longer than the helicopter, and can be landed on the water right next to the Pier.





Please contact us for further details, and if you would like us to make the arrangements for you.

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