Villa Halcyon is a haven of tranquility nestled amongst the coconut palms with commanding views of Puerto Galera Bay Philippines, officially designated as one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, by the Paris-based Les Plus Belles Baies du Monde, because of its surpassing beauty.

Villa Halcyon offers 6 beautifully appointed guest rooms, each featuring a different theme. The main house features two en-suite rooms and an en-suite loft area. The Cabaña, located 15 meters from the Main House holds three guest rooms. Puerto Galera is the fabled Port of the Galleons which lies directly along the old Manila/Acapulco trade route and this small sheltered bay is where Spanish galleons used to take refuge from approaching typhoons before venturing across the Pacific Ocean.

From sunrise to sunset, in brilliant sunshine and vivid colours, watch the mood of this lovely bay change from azure to turquoise, to aquamarine, to deep sapphire blue, to gold, orange and red; and if you’re fortunate enough to see a moonrise send shimmering silver images across the water, you will enjoy one of the most romantic experiences of your life!